Affilorama Review, scam or legit?

In this thorough Affilorama review, I will try to answer the question, “is affilorama scam or legit? I will use facts and also give you my opinion.

There are so many online affiliate marketing training programs and Affilorama is one of the best ones in the industry.

To begin with the review, there are two questions that we must answer. The first one is What is Affilorama about? And the second is if it is scam or legit?

What is Affilorama about and is it scam or legit?

I will like to let you know right from the start that Affilorama is not a scam. On the contrary, it is a legit education platform. It is a general online course focused on affiliate marketing. With the help of tutorials, lessons, forums, videos and a variety of tools, you can learn how to be successful in affiliate marketing.

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Affilorama, was created by Mark Ling in 2005. This community is dedicated to the training of affiliates. After years of success as a merchant who owns products such as “Jamorama” and “Rocket Piano,” Mark set out to create a platform that would help train his affiliates in a variety of niches.

The main objective of Affilorama is to provide the user with the training required to develop their online business successfully. So when joining this program, know that it is a training program not a job.

Whether you succeed or not is dependent on how well you can apply the lessons you learn. In addition to the courses offered by Affilorama, there are special tools that can be bought separately to help you reach your goals faster.

You can start the course for free and the topics covered range from the most basic topics to the most advanced. The advanced courses are only available with the premium monthly membership.

At Affilorama you will benefit from the support of the community and the affiliated members. In some instances Mark will join the conversation in the forums but this is not a usual event.

As with any program out there, Affilorama has an affiliate program you can join. This affiliate program is lucrative and can be your market niche as you will be paid to promote affilorama to others.

If you decide that this course is what you are looking for and will give you what you require. Then, after browsing through the free members’ area, you can pay for the premium membership, with which you will get access to a large number of elements, such as hosting for your site, construction tools for your websites, and other tools that you will need to be able to start the construction of your online business.

If you are not interested in this program by now, then read this review for an alternate program to see if it is what you want instead. 

The pros and cons of Affilorama


  • Easy-to-follow course with educational support, including software applications
  • You will have access to one of the biggest affiliate marketing communities online. With Affilorama you can get support and comments from other members.
  • The free alternative enables you to explore the basics without investment. Affilorama teaches you from the basics how to make money on the internet through the business model of affiliate marketing.
  • They offers a convenient three-year payment plan for the Premium program
  • The owner is very respected in the industry, this tells of the legitimacy of the program
  • The Affilorama membership will provide you with hosting, website builder and tools to help you start building a successful internet marketing business.


  • There are multiple alternatives in the premium section that can make selecting the right program hard, especially for a beginner. 
  • The basic program is somewhat restrained compared to the paid programs and some of the information in both the paid and free programs are outdated; such as: re-linking and publishing the content of private label rights.
  • The cost of the Program can become a bit expensive once you start adding in the “offers” and additional tools
  • Your “support” is transferred to a support team; you cannot connect with Mark directly
  • It can be very confusing, especially for a newbie as to what level of membership you should start with. Like I said earlier, there are so many options to choose from. It is not simply basic and premium membership.

What type of marketer is the Affilorama program for?

With many levels to select from and training in each of them, Affilorama is intended to be employed by anyone who wants to earn extra money online as an affiliate marketer.

The training within Affilorama is focused on everything from the basic configuration of your website to more advanced promotional techniques.

It is not required to have an early knowledge of website creation, hosting, marketing or content management to understand the lessons.

The training is based on the knowledge of an experienced and very involved affiliate marketer, Mark Ling, who has an important track record not only of being a merchant (having affiliates) but also of promoting his products and services (something good).

The breakdown of the training within Affilorama

Affilorama training begins with the basic program that combines videos and many other online tools. Also, there are some software applications that can be used as well (site classification and analysis tools).

The premium level of Affilorama offers additional training, interviews with several successful Internet entrepreneurs and bootcamp videos.

This level also includes content that has been created for your chosen niche.

Additional tools include Affilorama Jetpack, which is the hosting packages and custom website creation package and Affilorama Theme which is one of the versions of the jetpack package. There is also the Affiloblueprint tool. 

Is it possible to expect support from Mark Ling in Affilorama?

Each and every level of Affilorama have the support of the community of members, many of whom are free members. This can be something good and bad. Mark Ling is available every now and then within the forum.

There are times when you can find no one in the forum, but most times someone will be there to give you direct help. The nature of a forum allows for both immediate and delayed support. 

Delayed in the sense that, sometimes, it can take several days for your query to be answered, but many times this can also allow for complete help (compared to telephone support or other style of communication).

All comments, questions, and discussions can be shared in the forum of the community and message boards. Sometimes, Mark Ling will occasionally join the discussions, but you should not always expect an answer from him at a convenient time.

How much does Affilorama cost?

This is where it gets confusing since Affilorama has MANY offers of different products and additional sales within its program. This is something that I generally do not like about this program simply because I believe that when I pay for a product, I should have access to EVERYTHING

Next, I will explain in detail what is included in the different products and describe their different price points below.

Affilorama – Free or paid membership?

You already know that Affilorama offers both options to its users. Now, the doubt to clear is, which of them you should go with?

The free membership is pretty good since it offers access to a large number of lessons that are vital to any beginner.

It is clear that this membership is most beneficial for a beginner as it gives you time to learn, without feeling the pressure to rush.

But this membership only covers the basics and has outdated material. To really learn what you need to succeed online as an affiliate member, you need the premium membership.

One thing you should also know is that, there is no continuity in the lessons. This could be a problem as you don’t which one to start with and what is next. 

The premium memebrship gets a little crazy because there is not just one premium membership; there are several tools, each promising you a different thing.

It is hard to decide which one is best and if you try to join it all, it gets expensive.

With the free membership, you will have about 20 hours of video training. Likewise, you can access a large amount of written content, and you can also access online interviews with the “Marketers.”

The video time is limited for the free membership. You can clearly begin to learn, and this option covers topics such as the construction of a website, search engine optimization (SEO) as well as the creation of content for Pay per click or PPC.

In this way, with the free membership, you can learn the basics of affiliate marketing operation.

With the paid membership or Premium you have access to the basic education area and more. Below are the tools you can get as a premium member. Each tool has its price separate from the monthly premium fee.

Affilorama Premium

The Premium Membership is the main offer at Affilorama (month to month billing at $ 67). This package combines training, software, limited hosting and access to forums.

The competition of this program Wealthy Affiliate, offers more for a monthly fee of $49.

With the $67 a month package, you will get Articles, Affiliate Training, Blog Bootcamp, Premium Tools, Website Hosting and PLR Articles.

Although part of this training is absolutely excellent, there are some critical shortcomings in the Affilorama Premium program that can in fact negatively affect your business.

The first element is about the use of Link Building within the Blog Bootcamp section. In fact, one of the four boot camp lessons is dedicated to training you on backlinking strategies. That’s 25% of the whole course.

The major issue here is that backlinks can get you in A LOT of trouble these days with Google and although this strategy may have worked in 2012.

This is outdated information which might lead you to failure if you’re not careful while you follow it and that is not a risk worth taking.

The Premium tools of Affilorama

There are 15 tools available in the Premium membership area. Some are very useful while others will provide you with meaningless data. For example, there is a trusted site tool that analyzes the page rank within Google (also known as PR).

PR, however, is an outdated metric and in no way indicates whether a site is already “trusted” in Google or not. It is evident that the “tools” within the community are not being updated at the same speed that the world of affiliate marketing / Internet marketing is evolving.

This really bothers me, and I really want the people of Affilorama to update their training and their tools to reflect the current state of SEO and the world of online business. In many cases, they are doing more harm than good to your business.

And now come the additional sales …

There are several offers or “additional sales” that are promoted in Affilorama. My line of thought is that if you pay $67 per month, you should have access to the complete system and all the tools, but you are the judge (I am kinda anal with these things).

The price of $67 is also not higher than the more profitable services that are available to you as an aspiring affiliate marketer.

Below is a list and brief explanation of the upsells.

Upsell # 1: Membership of AffiloBlueprint 3.0 ($ 197, then $ 67 per month)

The package includes 13 lessons, 85 videos covering topics of affiliate marketing, niche marketing, and research, free traffic methods such as SEO, PPC through the Google content network and 6 WordPress themes that are more oriented to PPC than to SEO.

This is followed by an additional sale (when you join) of Affilorama Premium. AffiloBlueprint does not really have any support, so if you want to get additional support and help for this particular product, you will have to pay the additional $ 67 per month.

Upsell # 2: Membership of AffiloJetpack ($ 497)

The AffiloJetPack is a “niche” package that Mark Ling has created to help you with the promotions of your products and services. These packages contain good information, and within the membership, you will have access to the following:

  • Your choice of 5 niche packages (of the ten available)
  • 15 electronic bulletins of the series, one per niche
  • Three e-books, 3 per niche (they are intended for free reports)
  • Access to Affilotheme
  • Graphics for each niche
  • 20 items PLR

This is an excellent way for Mark to train you to become an affiliate (and earn more money).

Also, the jetpack is for those people who cannot spend all their time watching the videos, but still want to make money with little effort.

Basically, jetpack will be doing 80% of the work for 20% of the time. Honestly speaking, I will not support this system, because this will prevent someone from learning new things, exploring and implementing them. This will affect you negatively in the long run.

It’s expensive as jetpack is priced at $497. Plus you have to buy your domain that will cost you about $10 per year and then you should also sign up for an auto-responder service that will cost you around $20 per month.

Upsell # 3: Affilotheme ($ 97)

The last important promotion with which you will be treated within at Affilorama is Affilotheme. This is a WordPress theme that comes with support and training that shows you how to use it correctly. It also comes with one year of free hosting, beyond that, you will be encouraged to join Affilorama Premium to maintain your accommodation.

This is what is included in this package:

  • Topics on Affilotheme WordPress
  • Training videos on how to use it
  • Forum of private members
  • Graphics creation tool
  • One year of hosting

My final opinion on Affilorama

This is a great product that offers a lot of tools, training, and support. Although I am a little critical with some aspects of their system, Mark Ling and Affilorama are definitely one of the most legitimate groups within the affiliate marketing industry. It is unquestionably one of the best in the industry.

However, due to a large number of additional sales and some “disinformation” or “outdated”  methods within the training, it can be confusing for the beginner where to start.

This is a program that should be approached with a careful and thoughtful action plan, and you should start with the basic free member.

If you find it helpful, then you can go premium and add other tools as you feel comfortable.

The final description of the product and rating

Name: Affilorama

Sales page:

Owner: Mark Ling

Overall rating: 80 of 100


  1. I think the biggest “red flag” you point out is the fact that there can be too many options to choose from in the premium section. As you mention, this may cause confusion for beginners. From my experience, it’s really useful to have a definite process to follow when you’re just starting out. It’s also helpful when that process has a proven track record of people using it to be successful in the affiliate marketing space. 

    1. I agree Tucker. Nothing confuses a newbie like putting them in a position to choose from many options. It is even confusing for experienced entrepreneurs too as many of these options overlap. I like straightforward and clean; one paid option and an unpaid option. 

  2. You’ve provided such an in-depth, highly-detailed account in this Affilorama review, Denise,that I’m definitely intrigued. 

    Obviously there are a lot of options available through Affilorama, and that’s great for a beginner like me. Although I wish I could dive into a plan as comprehensive as AffilioJetPack – a Done-For-You system, that’s just not in my budget, I’m afraid. 

    So I definitely appreciate that you’ve covered the entire range of products and services Affilorama offers. It’s pretty much a no-brainer to give something a free try — especially when one reads a positive review like you’ve provided — and it’s awesome Afiilorama offers this.

    I look forward to checking it out and then seeing what upgrade might suit my needs. I however wander if there are any alternatives to this program out there and if yes what are they? Thanks for your insights!

    1. Hi Shui Hyen,

      Affilorama is one of the top affiliate marketing courses no doubt but there are many alternative to this program. One of my favorites is wealthy affiliate (read my detail review here), because they don’t only offer you free membership, they also give you a way to build your first website for free. 

      For them, it is all about practice, they know you need a place to practice what you learn and a free website is just the place. You get even more with their premium tools and I love that they just have one premium plan. No gimmicks, what you see is what you get.  

  3. Thanks for sharing this article on Affilorama. You are doing a great job. I have read through the article, I can say that the trainings they offer are quite fascinating. It is worth trying. But currently I am with wealthy affiliate and am still undergoing my training and courses. Maybe when am done I will give Affilorama a trial as well. It’s good knowing about them. Thanks for sharing this article. 

    1. You are welcome Olalekan. The training at Affilorama is good but I believe the training at Wealthy Affiliate is better structured and thus better. It won’t hurt to try the free membership of Affilorama when you have the chance though. You might learn one or two new things. I want you to know that some of their trainings are outdated. 

  4. This was such a detailed and well written review on an online program that I had always though was a scam. I actually read it twice to be sure that I completely understood all of the reasons why you decided to write such a lovely review.

    I have heard about Affilorama before but most of the reviews I have read have been somewhat negative.  I am now convinced its not a scam site

    Affilorama vs Wealthy Affiliate, which do you think is better? 

    1. Hello,

      I have tried both programs and love them both. Mr Ling has done a good job with Affilorama. The lessons are easy to follow. I however do not like that there are so many paid premium packages with Affilorama. This can be very confusing for a newbie. It was for me when I tried it and decided to find an alternative. 

      I found Wealthy Affiliate and fell in love instantly. The training is amazing, the community is helpful and there is a plethora of tools for both free and premium members. 

      Looking at it today, after three years of affiliate marketing, I think Wealthy Affiliate is better. I say so because with my premium membership, I can register my domain name and host my website all in one place. I love this convenience. 

      Plus, I can have multiple websites for the same monthly premium. The lessons are updated regularly which is good for the changing trend online. This is one thing that make Wealthy Affiliate better than Affilorama. 

      Finally, you can build two websites for free at WA and your free membership never expires. 

  5. You have actually spent great time in bringing this review to our knowledge on Affilorama. I heard about Affilorama some weeks ago from a friend but I haven’t had the chance to make a research on it. Reading through your review I think my curiosity has been satisfied and in between the post i found answers to questions I might have asked. But I just think their guide is not well structured as it appears but all the same thanks for the updates. 

    1. Hi Fortune,

      I am happy to help. I do think Affilorama could be better. They could combine their premium plan to just one or two plans to reduce the confusion, especially among beginners. Furthermore, update of the lessons, both written and video could help boost the platform. 

      Finally, better communication between owners and members could boost the morals a lot. This could actually improve their community chat which is somewhat dead right now. 

  6. Affilorama has been proven to be a trusted program but there are things I don’t like about the program. Paying differently for each of the program is what I don’t like. I think they should make it a one time monthly billing instead of purchasing each program differently. 

    Another dislike I have about it is that I can’t connect with the owner Mark easily unlike in wealthy affiliate were I can easily contact Kyle and Carson the CO founder of wealthy affiliates and they are very responsive and ready to help out each time am stuck on the way. 

    1. I  agree Kenechi, 

      Having multiple premium packages is a big let down and turns away many people. Newbies get confused by this.  I’m still a bit confused by the various packages.  Also,  the limited communication with the owner Mark Ling is a let down too.  I do get emails from them but it is not as personal as the WA private message tool. I do like the way Carson and Kyle run WA too,  especially how interactive they are with the members.  

  7. This is a great and simple to follow guide on Affilorama.

    You laid it all out clearly and showed series of examples that helped emphasize your various points. This guide will be very useful for me. This is the most comprehensive review I have ever read and its obvious the cons outweighs its pros which won’t allow me to recommend. I still believe wealthy affiliate can never be compared with any other affiliate marketing site because their standard can never be compromised.Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Ola,

      I agree. No program is perfect including Affilorama. There are some let downs that I believe should be remedied to improve the quality of this education platform. One of the biggest let downs for me is related to outdated course material. The internet is dynamic and as changes happen, it is important for education platforms to adapt their courses to keep up with the current trends. 

      If your current knowledge about online marketing is outdated, you will lag behind the competition and this is what is happening with Affilorama. 

      I also think Wealthy Affiliate has an upper hand here as they have done a good job at keeping up with current trends as far as their training material is concern. They too are not perfect but like you clearly said, they are one of the best. 

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