How to turn your passion and hobby into a successful business

I remember when I first decided to start a business; it was both very exciting and unnerving. I was excited because I was finally going to turn my passion for working from home into a business. I also had several hobbies that I wanted to turn into a business.


This meant if I was successful in my endeavor, I will be able to spend more time doing the things I love most and also spend more time at home with my kids.

It was also very exciting when I figured out that I could make the internet my office and be able to work from anywhere in the world that was connected to internet technology of course.


I could be on a beach sipping ice cold beer while working. Wow I could even work in my bathtub if I wished (how fun).

It was excitement till the first wave of panic kick in when I realized that I didn’t know where to start.

How was I going to turn my passion into a business? Not willing to let fear draw me back I set to investigate on the topic and learned a lot in a matter of days about what it entailed.



I panicked even more with all the knowledge I acquired during my research. I came across words I could have never phantom of learning in my entire life; there were terms like domains, web hosting, security, content, traffic, SEO, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, indexing, search engines and dozens more.

I thought to myself “who knew it was going to be that technical”; back then I could only type with my index fingers and my typing speed was probably about ten words per minute!

I started thinking there must be a way for me to make it easier. There is go to be some sort of program out there that can take care of all the technical stuff so I focus on turning my passion into a business.


After another round of online searches, I found wealthy affiliate and knew from the minute I signed on that this was the place that was going to help make my dreams come true.

Before I give you a brief review of wealthy affiliate, let’s talk about passion and how important it is to a business.


What is passion and is it the key to a successful online business?


Passion is and intense desire or emotion for something. It is like the fire that keeps a business running especially during the cold and terrible times.

Everyone can start a business but it is not every business that is going to succeed especially with the competition.

Business can survive only for so long without passion. There are going to be many times when your business is at its lowest of lows and without passion, such a business will rot and die.


Your passion could be anything ranging from wild life conservation, education, sports, health to travelling. All of these passions or niches could be used to build a successful business.


What do you know about your passion? what it takes to build that passion into a business?


Before you build a business there are many questions you need to answer. First, you need to pinpoint your passion.

Let’s say for example that you are passionate about wildlife conservation. Wildlife conservation is a very broad topic. The idea here is for you to narrow down your niche (in this case wildlife conservation) to a specific area, say conservation of polar bears in the wild. It is important to be specific because only then can you have a target audience, plus it is easier for you to handle. Being passionate about something doesn’t mean you are an expert at it. You will learn a lot along the way and refine your methods as you go.


Once you’ve narrowed your passion, you need to figure out who your audience is and how to reach your audience. Which class of people are passionate about wildlife? Are they mostly women, men, middle class, educated….? If they fall within  a certain group of people, how do they get their information and what do they want? After answering these question, you will be equipped with information that is going to help in your content, and advertisement/publicity efforts.


You can then move on to answering questions about your domain name which you will need to register with an accredited registrar. Once you have a domain name, you need to find a web hosting platform (most popular for both beginners and experts alike is WordPress).

But this is not all, building a successful business requires plenty of help. You need a place to learn the basics of online marketing and you also need a network of successful people in your field.


For me, my very special helper at this stage was also wealthy affiliate. They gave me the opportunity to learn for free and I never once felt pressured to upgrade. With their starter membership of $ 0, I was able to learn enough to get my business going. Do not take it from me, Check it out for yourself at

It is an all in one package for step by step learning on ways to build your business. They have a domain registration platform that makes registering your domain seamless. Each domain registered with them comes with email and protection.


They also have a web hosting platform that is available  24/7 and takes security very seriously. With membership, you will have access to site comment, site feed back and a site analysis platform. With these three tools, you can request comments, feedback and check how well your site is doing.

Below is a summary of what you will get with both levels of membership.

Bottom line


Any passion can be grown in to a successful business with proper nurturing and guidance. Take control of your life today, wait no long.

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Cheers Denise



  1. Excellent site on being financially independent/escaping the wage slave trap. I especially like the mailing list prompt at the top of your home page – I think I need one for my own website through the WA community!

    Perhaps the post images could be improved and look more professional so you stand out from other similar sites.

    1. Good idea Kegan,

      I have been think of making custom links and images for my site. Since it is a passion to be financially independent, I really need to make my site stand out. Thanks for the contribution.

  2. Hi Denise,
    I really do love your website.I see detailed and honest information about making money online.I see myself still far away as I yet to get to your stage and I am wondering.All the same I can say you have really worked hard,I mean very hard.
    Excellent work and I wish you all the best life can give.

    1. Thanks Bernicia,

      It’s my passion to help people like my self attain financial independence. I know it takes hard work to succeed so I burn the midnight candle getting this site to the point where it is. You just need to find your passion and work hard on it and you will be successful.

  3. For me my passion is and will always be video games. This however, is a very broad topic so I decided to narrow it down to a very specific type of video games, RPGs otherwise known as Role Playing Games. Taking things even further I wanted to talk mainly about single player games since I grew up playing many of them as a child and have good knowledge on what separates the good ones from the bad ones. And that’s how I came up with the idea for my website, Wealthy Affiliate was a great way to start turning my passion into a business, I am still working on the successful part though.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      What a great niche. I have three little boys and a girl who love games a lot. Your knowledge on RPG is very important. Imagine the number of people across the world who will like to learn from you.

      What you need is to drive traffic to your site. You can engage in social marketing, email marketing and more. Once you have targeted traffic coming to your side, the successful part will come.

      Make sure you are writing quality content and performing keyword research for your site. Good luck

  4. Hi, It sounds a great idea to start a business and write about something I like. I have already some ideas. But, I have never tried again to build a website and I have no idea about internet marketing. Where can I find people that are interested in visiting my site?

    1. Hi IIias,

      The best way to get free traffic is by writing good content on your website and submitting them to major search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo and many others. These search engines index your content and display it to visitors according to how relevant they are to the search keyword.

      If people visit and like what you write, they will come back and maybe tell their friends and family.

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