What is the empowr?

Program: empowr

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Except you live under a rock these days, you must know a thing or two about social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Such medias have become a very important part of many people’s lives today.

Many businesses and individuals use social media to make money online, so much so that many other types of social media are beginning to pop up all over the internet.

Today I will be writing a review about the empowr, a democratic social media platform to help you determine if it is the best social media platform for your business or not?

What is the empowr all about?

Created by Michael Pousti and Brandie Williams, it was known previously as Fanbox. Empowr claims to be a company committed to democracy and aims to share 97 percent of its revenue with members.

Empowr is supposedly a social media platform where you can combine the benefits of Social Media with the ability to make money by selling your products and services or by helping others get their products/services sold through Sponsoring and Ads.

Empowr is a social media platform that shares many similarities with the popular social media platforms like Facebook. However, unlike Facebook, the empowr platform is monetized and has the revenue share model for all of its users.

Users of the empowr are called citizens and can earn money in a variety of ways. Citizens can engage in knowledge-based roles and make money when they post and view/react on post and blogs made by others.

Citizens can also sell almost any product or service. They can also assist in a variety of roles including but not limited to the promotion, distribution, reselling, education of other members and resolution of disputes relating to the sale of many products and services available in the the empowr marketplace.

In addition, they can earn by assisting in the growth of the empowr economy, by working as teachers or success coaches to other members of the community.

Is the empowr a scam?

The empowr is not a scam; it is just a really complicated and challenging system for many, if not most new citizens. This can justify the frustration and misconception by many.

They have been around for about 16 years and their names have changed a lot. It takes some time and reading to get the picture of what empowr really is all about.

When poeple take the time to get to understand what empowr is and isn´t, it can be an inspiring and empowering place to be. It´s not a get rich quick scheme, it is an opportunity to build a business.

Like many businesses, it takes a lot of hard work, time, patience, effort, dedication and some investments to succeed.

I am not a user of Empowr but I have checked out their site and I have been looking at what other people are saying about it. As far as I can tell, there are some fees you have to pay to be a member and you can earn some money in the long run.

You can earn and withdraw money only when you reach a certain level from what I gathered. Here’s a video explaining what the Empowr is all about.

Other features of the empowr


You earn by doing a variety of things as i listed above. Your earnings mature 90 days after it was first posted and you can cash it out then.

Unlike with affiliate marketing where you earn commissions directly once you make a sale, Empowr is some what complicated. With their system, your earnings are revenues not profits you can easily cash out.

You can also make early cash outs before the 90 days are reached but there are conditions. You have to give empowr complete information about your credit card or pay-pal account.

Power levels

There are different power levels citizens can attain at empowr. You start at the orange level which is free for a month and gradually move up. You can ask to be move up a power level but it will cost you. The price starts from $6 a month for the basic orange power level and increases as the level gets higher.

Each power level determines how often you can advertise and how high you can earn at empowr.

Bottom Line

Many people end up not claiming their earnings at empowr because they insist you have to give them your credit card information or pay-pal info to validate your account.

Some people have discovered that they have been charge for using this social media but they do not understand why. Empowr can be very confusing. There are many people who say the program is legit and has helped them in making money.

I say tread with caution; study it and don’t give you credit card info upfront.

I hope this review was helpful. Check out my review for my #1 recommendation for making money online. 

Cheers Denise


  1. No y can’t just cash out. There are many hoops y got to go through.
    And they do scam some member’s PP with bogus $100 and $250 charges that does not show up in their balance sheet.
    And they routinely make your built up market place $$ vanish. If that ain’t scammy then what is?

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