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VIPdesk Connect provides outsourcing solutions for a large number of brand-conscious companies across diverse industries. The company hires virtual customer service agents to take calls from their clients.

This highly trained and qualified customer service professionals provide professional customer service through email, text messages, phone calls, chats and social media.

Part of their business model includes hiring people who work from home. To work from home with Vipdesk, you have to be a resident of the United states except on rare occasion.

Beside customer service, the company also handles back office support, social media management and consulting. They help clients manage the technical difficulties of setting up an outsourced customer service program for their business.

Job requirements 

If you enjoy working from home, VIPdesk Connect offers you the opportunity to make money taking customer service calls for their clients. They make sure you meet their office and technical requirements as well as other qualifications required by a particular role before hiring you.

The requirements to most of their current job openings are quite similar. If you get this job, you’ll likely have to deal with a wide variety of different issues, depending on the specific caller you are helping at the time.

Typical issues include, assisting customers via phone and helping assess their needs, answering client’s questions or queries about customer concerns and complaints, product and services, Interacting with customers in a polite and professional manner.

A larger percentage of the jobs have locational requirements. The working hours are between 30 and 40 hours a week, and the hours can be spread however you want by clocking in during the available working shifts from 12:00pm to 11:00pm on week days, and from 9:00am to 8:00pm on weekends.

The shifts vary depending on where you live. Many VIPdesk Connect positions have fairly stringent requirements like having a college degree, having years of experience in customer care roles and in some cases, you are expected to pass a credit or background check.

Before working with VIPdesk Connect these are some general requirements that must be met: There must be a dedicated home office which must be noise free in your house. A home office computer that is run on Windows 7 Os or higher (Mac computers are not supported by VIPdesk Connect app), wired Internet connection (wireless is not permitted), VoIP USB Headset for using VoIP or Skype (gaming and/or wireless headsets are not acceptable).

All connections must be wired to the computer. The technical requirements for each job differ somewhat. Applicants fill out an online form and submit a resume. The resume can be submitted by typing it in directly or submitting the web-address of your LinkedIn profile and/or through the popular file upload method.

Hiring, Pay and benefits 

Once the application is submitted successfully, the company will contact you later via email with details of the next steps to follow if you will be considered.

If employed, candidates will undergo a month interactive training in a virtual or real classroom. The training is free and you will get paid. VIPdeskect requires all U.S. based candidates to successfully pass a criminal background check.

The pay is usually $10-$12 per hour just like those of other outsourcing sit at home customer care agents in other companies. Your pay will depend on the number of hours you can work monthly and VIPdesk have both full-time and part-time sit at home positions.

Agent’s are also allowed to work overtime; you can take advantage of this extra hours to earn additional cash. The company offers workers opportunities for earning commissions and other kinds of bonuses. Agents are also entitled to some benefits which can vary based on your position and tenure with VIPdesk Connect.

Some benefits include Work-life balance, Performance incentives, Flexible work schedule, Paid vacation, Life insurance, Medical insurance, long-term care etc.

Bottom line

If you enjoy working from home and do not mine talking and solving problems on the phone all day long, then Vipdesk connect might be the place for you.

They pay minimum wage at the start and offer some benefits. Training is paid and you can have a flexible schedule.

Cheers Denise

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