Online task pay review

Company: Online task

Rating: 2 stars

Recommendation: Not recommended

Cost: Free

What is online task pay? is an online job site that claims to be innovative. They say anyone can join for free and they have unlimited job positions. They say no experience is required and you can start making money right away.

How does it work?

First you get enrolled for free then you are assigned task that you finish and summit for approval by the person who posted the job. Once your work is approved, you get paid by check mainly or other available payment methods. They promise you will get paid $ 1500 in a week when you join just by completing simple task that will take about 5 – 10 minutes.

The down side

Initially in their home page, they make you feel like you will be doing work from many different companies but it turns out that in their frequently asked questions section, you will be advertising their site instead. Yes, when you get enrolled, you get a link you are supposed to post in different places to attract new customers to their site.

They say in their main page that you will get paid by completing simple jobs that will only take five to ten minutes. Later on in their frequently asked questions section, they say your pay will depend on how hard you work and if you don’t log in within a month they will close your account and you will lose all the money you have made.

Promoting a site is not a bad thing, it is called affiliate marketing but the problem here is you don’t know what you are promoting. In affiliate marketing, it is safe to know what you are promoting and it is better if you believe in what you are promoting.

Affiliate marketing is about helping people find things and saving them time by investigating products and services and making recommendations. It is also about generating income online too of course.

The minimum pay out amount from online task pay is $ 300 which is a problem because even though they claim you can make $ 1500 a week it is hardly true. The thing here is many people get tired of waiting for their account to reach $ 300 an quit. So many people end up wasting time they could have been using for building a successful business of their own.

Online task pay clearly states in their frequently asked questions section that their site do not give people free money as it seems. They generate money from advertisers when people visit their site. So you get paid for referring people to their site ( which will be okay if you were referring people towards a beneficial product or service. But as I have mentioned earlier, I can’t seem to figure out what their products or services are).

Since many advertisers only pay when the people you refer make actions like buying their products or subscribing to their services, it is reasonable to conclude that online task pay will only pay you when similar actions are taken.


Why will you work for someone when you can work for yourself. Making money online is not as easy as some illegitimate sites will try to make you believe. It takes dedication,  hard work and a lot of help from people who have been successful at it.

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