Is Affilorama a scam?

Company : Affilorama

Owners: Mark Ling and Simon Slade

Product: Affiliate program, marketing, email marketing and moreaffilorama

Price: Free, $ 67 per month, $497 for three years, $ 197 onetime for affilo blueprint and $ 997 onetime payment for affilo jetpack.

Recommendation: Legit

Rating: 85/100

In this review, I will give you my earnest views about affilorama. I will also give you information about a more affordable competition. So please read to the end.

What is affilorama?

Affilorama is an online business which is a branch of double dot media Ltd., with head office in hristchurch, New Zealand. It was founded in 2006 by Mark Ling and co-founder Simon Slade. Since its inception, it has grown from two to more than 300,000 members world wide.

Affilorama has as its mission to minimize the potential hurdles for aspiring affiliates, enabling them to start seeing success from their affiliate businesses sooner.

How does affilorama work?

You can join affilorama for free: all it requires is your name, email address and password. After filling out this information, you will be asked to confirm your email. After this you will have access to the free membership content of affilorama.

You will get a prompt with an offer to upgrade to the premium membership for $1 for the period of one month and pay $ 67 every month after with cancellation at anytime. You will have up to 7 days to accept this offer.

With the free membership, you get 100+ video lessons, free members tool and member’s forum. If you choose to accept the premium offer, you will have access to all the free tools plus, advance training videos, product creation training, affiliate blog boot camp and  free hosting for up to 15 websites.

They have a 60 day money back guarantee even for the $ 1 month premium trial period.

What does affilorama offer Premium members?

Advanced training videos

These videos provide more information than is provided with the free video/lessons. These videos includes Mark Ling’s 7-part video guide to creating your own digital product to sell. According to affilorama, these videos will teach you cutting-edge techniques and “outside the box” strategies that will help you become a product owner.

Affiliate blog boot camp

Their boot camp program is a collection of videos that features Mark Ling, showing members how he creates an affiliate site from beginning to the point where it starts earning money.

Free webhosting for up to 15 websites

They can provide storage space for up to 15 websites per member.

Affilo tools

With this affilo tools, you can;

  1.  Check out the competition, analyze their sites for weakness you can use to your advantage.
  2. Monitor your site(s) regularly to see how they are faring on the search engines
  3. Find out which page(s) on your site are doing well
  4. Determine if there are errors on your site that might be costing you traffic
  5. Keep up with your social media activity and followers
  6. Find quality sites in your niche that are ready to build links with you

Affilo blueprint

This is a step by step lesson on how to build websites that will make money for you. It include topics like market research and keyword research, creating content, setting up your website, designing your website and much more. It contain 90+ step by step video lessons, downloadable lessons,  and private members forum.

This course cost an additional one time payment of $ 197.

Affilo theme

This is according to owners the fastest and easiest way to build a profitable business. This tool supposedly will help you maximize profit, wow visitors, impress google and build your list fast. It cost a one time fee of $ 97.

Affilo jetpack

This product is suppose to earn you money on auto-pilot. According to affilorama, this product is your short cut to success especially via email marketing. This product is suppose to give you the blue print of email marketing that succeeds all the time for 18 highly profitable niches.

This product cost $ 997. Mark Ling is very sure this package will make you money so he offers a 60 day money guarantee and an extra $ 100 if you do not like it.

Affiliate program

This program is free to join and the commission is generous. You get 50% commission for any person your refer that buys any of their products.

My take on Affilorama

Affilorama is a legitimate program that teaches its members in easily understandable ways, how to run an affiliate business. It has a ton of lessons for members of all stages of growth in affiliate marketing. So, it is good for beginners, intermediates and experts alike.

It has a huge community of affiliate marketers and the owners are well respected entrepreneurs.  Affilorama however has so many products that can be very confusing to beginners. More so, these additional products are on the expensive side.

Affilorama has a great customer service that can help members with their concerns. The community is also very helpful if you have any questions. It is however, very difficult to contact the owners Mark and Simon for help. They can drop by occasionally and contribute to the forums but you can expect to get any prompt help from them directly.

I will recommend affilorama for its wealth of lessons and for the fact that they are legitimate. I however will recommend wealthy affiliate over affilorama because they have one package that covers everything with no upsells, unlike affilorama that has many confusing and overlapping packages.


Affilorama vs Wealthy affiliate

Wealthy affiliate free membership Affilorama free membership Wealthy affiliate premium membership Affilorama premium membership
Live help First 7 days no Unlimited no
Private messaging no yes
Free websites yes no yes no
Web security package No no yes yes
Website back up yes no yes
Beginner training course yes yes yes yes
Personal affiliate blog yes yes
Keyword research tool 30 free keywords search no Unlimited search no
Training classroom yes yes yes yes
Affiliate program yes yes yes yes
1 on 1 coaching 1st 7 days no unlimited no
Private access to owners No no yes no
Web hosting no no yes yes
Monthly fee $ 0 $ 0 $ 47 $ 67
My recommendation yes yes yes yes


Recommendation and conclusion

Do not take it from me; if you are really serious about affiliate marketing, then join the free membership of both programs and decided for yourself after you have had time to study the sites.

Both programs are amazing and have well respected entrepreneurs as owners. As a matter of fact, many online marketers join both programs and then choose one to go premium with.

I hope this review was helpful. Constructive criticism is welcomed. If you are a member of affilorama, leave a comment and tell us what you think.

Cheers Denise






  1. I don’t think that affilorama is a scam either.
    From what I know the man standing behind the website is highly respected in the marketing network, yet he doesn’t run his website himself but rather lets other people do that for him.
    Quite frankly, it shows. In Wealthy affiliate the founders are always there, it’s actually a huge difference.

    1. So true Vlad,

      I like that I can reach Kyle and Carson directly with my problems. I even get emails from Kyle checking to see my progress. You don’t get this king of royalty treatment at affilorama. They offer good lessons and have a great community just like at WA but very little interaction from Mr. Ling .

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