Click clone cash reviews

Product Owner: “Josh Ownens” alos known as Tim Atkinson on some other make money program sites

Advertised Price: Free

Actual Price: $90/6 months

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In this review of click clone cash, I will help you figure out if this program is legit or a scam by giving you objective information about the system.

You will also get suggestions for alternative programs that might suit you better.


Click Clone Cash is a make money systems which promises to help you make a massive return just by cloning the methods of other successful businesses.

It is actually a hosting affiliate program that is advertised for free but will ultimately require you into buying a mandatory website hosting with some amount that is not refundable.


In order to buy into the website hosting program, you will first need to build a website and register domain name. 

Sometimes they include training, sometimes not depending on how brash the product owner is.

Click Clone Cash sales video features Josh Owen who talks for 30 minutes about his successes and wealth from the system.


It’s all about money, big yachts, fast cars and even more money.  There are several paid testimonials from supposed participants who make outrageous claims. One of such claims is about making $19k in under 24 hours. 

If this is not enough to make you realize that this whole system is a fast money scheme, then the fact that it is not actually free as advertised should.


First of all, this dude Josh Owens is nowhere to be found simply because he is a paid actor and it’s actually some guy named Tim Atkinson that’s behind this Click Clone Cash.

This is a common practice for shady programs like this, as the real owners or creators do not want their names to be put upfront on these scam products.


Tim Atkinson is famous for making money from online products and have created many scam products identical to this one such as Automated Income App, Cash Machines 2 , Make Money with Meghan just to mention a few.

“Josh Owens” our video man has been seen in a previous Atkinson scam product called The Money Formula that he produced with another shady person in online marketing, Zak Mefteh.


He played a billionaire who stepped in to teach a father how to make thousands of dollars in just one night to save the life of his son.

This son, supposedly had leukemia and his father could not afford to pay the bills with his meager income. 


So with the help of Josh, he was able to become rich over night, thereby saving the boy.

Wow! He should consider a career in Hollywood someday. Sad thing is many people fell for this scam and many still do today.


How does it work?


The system does not work at all. It will actually get you to buy a website hosting. If you are able to watch the video completely, it will tell you that in order for it to work; you will need to purchase a hosting plan. 

You are actually not purchasing a system that will make you a lot of profit by selecting the best systems out there and cloning them.


When you get signed up, it will go straight to the hosting page and you will be directed to a hosting company wherein you will need to purchase it in order for them to look for these programs for you.

It appears legit and not like the other hosting scams that get you some kind of weird domain first. Click Clone Cash claims to be free but you will be asked to pay $89.70 almost immediately for website hosting.


Reasonably, it never cost that much to host a website and if you need to pay that much, you need to do your research very well and that’s why external reviews are useful. There are companies like Hostgator that host unlimited sites for like $7-$10.


After you’re done paying for your million dollar hosting, you will then be directed to your “training area” where you will learn to promote the same scam you just purchased.

There is no other training within this program to teach you how to make that promised $19k nor any written steps on what to do to be rich, so what are you really paying for?


No proof that anyone ever received 100k each month as promised, Numerous people lost a lot of money from getting sucked in this system and only 5-10% was able to get their $89.70 back. no customer support.

All the testimonials are fake, it’s very easy to get people with fake names on marketplaces like to get you any kind of review for just $5.


Bottom line


Click Cash clone is basically a method to get you to buy a hosting package and the founder will make a huge commission on each sale just like affiliate marketing.

Click Clone Cash is one of the biggest scams online. If they told you from the onset that you will need to buy a hotting program, then it will be legit but they don’t.


You will not make a cent from this system. And this is probably the reason why it’s website no longer exist.

If you are looking to learn how to make money online, check out wealthy affiliate.

They have all the tools you will ever need to build a successful online business. You can join for free and get a feel of the program before deciding whether to upgrade or not. 

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